The importance of meaning becomes paramount when the signifier is as base as the word RED.

Embarrassment to anger, lust to war, importance to limitation; these all become meaning in the presence of the color red. Analogies and metaphors come fast and easy–it is the manipulation that is hard; how to find new methods of use and construction of this quality we point to and say RED.

The Valerie Goodman Gallery is currently exploring the meaning and uses of the color red in the context of experimental art and design. We reach out into the entire spectrum to pull examples of use and contemplation to bring new possible meanings to our relation to the color RED.

“Collection of Red”, a group exhibition which features the work of European, American, and African Designers. On view will be work by the designers, each presenting their innovative use of color and form.



"Composition #1.5"  by Garret Linn

Garret Linn

"Composition #1.5" , 2017

Color Photography


"Handle " Vase  by Eric Schmitt

Eric Schmitt

"Handle " Vase , 2010

Hand blown glass

8 x 13.50 in (20.32 x 34.29 cm)

Hand woven armchair by Cheick Diallo

Cheick Diallo

Hand woven armchair, 2019

28 x 26 x 33 in (71.12 x 66.04 x 83.82 cm)

Console by Pierre Bonnefille

Pierre Bonnefille

Console, 2011

Textured Lacquer and Steel

34.50 x 63 x 15 in (87.63 x 160.02 x 38.10 cm)

"Meanders" Cabinet with Desk  by Jacques Jarrige

Jacques Jarrige

"Meanders" Cabinet with Desk , 2017

MDF lacquered

60 x 29 x 21.50 in (152.40 x 73.66 x 54.61 cm)

Unique Gueridon table by Jacques Jarrige

Jacques Jarrige

Unique Gueridon table, 2006

Sycamore Wood

29 x 0 in (73.66 x 0 cm)

"Elephant" Vase  by Cristian Mohaded

Cristian Mohaded

"Elephant" Vase , 2015

Recyclable PVC

8.50 x 12.50 x 12.50 in (21.59 x 31.75 x 31.75 cm)

"Tulip" Vase  by Eric Schmitt

Eric Schmitt

"Tulip" Vase , 2015

Plaster and Lacquer

20.50 x 13.70 in (52.07 x 34.80 cm)

"Cloud" Coffee Table with Red by Jacques Jarrige

Jacques Jarrige

"Cloud" Coffee Table with Red, 2015

MDF, Silver Leaf and Lacquer

17 x 39.50 x 20 in (43.18 x 100.33 x 50.80 cm)

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