Tinatin Kilaberidze

Tinatin Kilaberidze

Tinatin Kilaberidze is an interior designer and artist from the Republic of Georgia. She grew up in Tbilisi, a 17th century old city located where the “Silk Road” crossed from China to Europe and has two master’s degrees from its Academy of Art — one in interior design and one in architecture. The influences of ancient Chinese, Middle Eastern and European culture are evident in her work which is characterized at large by her sensitivity to proportion, architectural scale, and appreciation of artistic integrity.


Working with luxurious raw materials — stone, marble, metal and wood — Kilaberidze’s interior designs and objects are distinct in their simplicity, geometry, and reverence for organic shapes. Her work harmoniously combines stark angles and soft curves within the architecture of a given space, addressing and utilizing historical elements in tandem with what is contemporary.


In 1991, she founded Tinatin Kilaberidze Design, Inc. in New York, which has acquired the reputation of creating unique and timeless spaces, as each project or commission is treated as an individual piece of art. She works with each client’s personality and lifestyle, and in close dialogue and collaboration with other artists and artisans, to produce bespoke furniture and lighting, maintaining the organic qualities and proportions of nature, while unwavering in their precision and sense of modernity. 


The work available through Valerie Goodman Gallery — primarily furniture and lighting design — is an expression of her personal aesthetic: approachable, balanced, and comfortable in their formal qualities. She has had two shows with the gallery: her world premiere exhibition in 2016, and a solo show in 2018.


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