Jacques Jarrige

"Abelard & Heloise" Pendant , 2016
Gold plated brass hand cut
3.30 x 1 in (8.38 x 2.54 cm)
Pendant Necklace in gold plated brass. Formed by two figures, the thin bands of brass are cut and hammered. Mounted on a Leather cord. Jarrige's jewelry is more companion than ornament, heightening one's physical awareness and bestowing the pleasure of inhabiting a well-built structure — a structure so light that it doesn't weigh on the body while delivering the theatricality of Jarrige's fluid gestures, translated into common yet gorgeously crafted metals. The intentional lack of preciousness allows for a sense of spontaneous playfulness.
"Abelard & Heloise" Pendant by Jacques Jarrige
"Abelard & Heloise" Pendant by Jacques Jarrige

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