Jacques Jarrige

"Waves" , 2015
Hand Hammered Aluminum
57 x 27 in (144.78 x 68.58 cm)
"A sculpture made of hand hammered aluminum created by Jarrige in 2015. In his sculpture, furniture and jewelry, Jarrige has always explored the relationship between line and space, material and void at their limits. In each medium a gestural, often hesitant line strives to embrace an elusive volume. The tension created between minimal solid shapes and an expansive open space is at the heart of these three-dimensional drawings. Then there is the kinetic element: the line itself already embodies searching, an almost trembling movement feeling its way into emptiness, unguided by any preliminary sketches. The sculpture transmits a sense of instability, as well as actual motion, inflecting a decisive physical presence with a gestural expressiveness. Jarrige also has a curiosity for poor materials and their untapped potential. Hammering a relatively modest metal repeatedly has the functional purpose of annealing and shaping the material that is otherwise soft and malleable, as well as giving it a luminous presence. The surface carries a memory matrix of the energy spent on laboring it. The repetitive process engages the artist in a meditative, call-and-response-like dialogue with the metal. It is the presence of the artist’s gesture that allows for a meaningful dialogue between Waves and the viewer. This series of sculptures were first shown at the Queens Museum in July 2015."